Crystal ball Conversations

Are you stuck with your research? Hop on Sarah’s open office hours with a small group to talk through ways to break through!

Want a more private conversation? We have those too.


Are you integrating research in your Fall plans? Or planning for the first time?
We’re here to help simplify and problem-solve.

All you have to do is schedule one hour with me!

Every Friday, from 9-10am CST or 1-2pm CST, Sarah is hosting small-group conversations to help you break-through. Bring your questions and challenges and let’s solve them together.

One hour with other a/e/c professionals

One hour for JUST your company

What can I expect?

Besides insane clarity and actionable advice? You can expect a conversation that is fun, and tailored to YOUR needs! We’ll chat about ANY marketing issues your A/E/C business is encountering, and you’ll walk away with a clear path forward. Now all you have to do, is decide if you want to work with JUST your company, or other A/E/C professionals as well.