Business Plan in 45 Days

Jul 3, 2023 | Business Planning Series

Want to know the secret to a successful business plan?

There are a few secrets, that we’ll break down here. But, if you know you’re ready for a market strategy expert to hold your hand through the creation of a simplified, yet highly effective business plan, based on data derived from market research, tap here to learn more about my Business Plan in 45 Days experience.

 A successful business plan is made up of three simple steps;

1. Planning.

2. Refining.

3. Winning.

 Once those steps are in place, your team can use this business plan framework to win work over and over again. Without the stress of scrambling at the last minute.

simple business plan in 45 days


Before any business can begin looking for work, they have to be aware of what market opportunity is even available to them. However, knowing what is available is only a fraction of the puzzle.

Here’s where many businesses get market opportunity wrong. They don’t have a clear vision of the types of projects they want to win over and over again. Gaining clarity around projects that both bring in a healthy profit and your firm is positioned to win with ease, is where the magic happens.

Just because your firm has historically won work in a specific sector (let’s say K-12) doesn’t mean that’s where you should continue your efforts. When you have a clear plan forward based on your capabilities it prevents burnout. Because, you’re not taking on projects for the sake of taking on projects. You’re winning work that pays the bills and is in alignment with core values.

Conversations surrounding where your firm is and where they want to go to increase profits is vital to a successful business plan. This is something I help you decipher through market research. What makes this research unique is that we don’t only focus on research surrounding target projects. We also take a deep dive on competitors and strategic partners to better inform your marketing and business development plan.


Of course, analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your firm is a best practice that has been emphasized for years. But what makes the difference between a win and a loss? Having someone in your corner that has unique insight into the nuances of the specific market you’re looking to win work in.

This is yet another reason we put such a heavy emphasis on market research. You’ve got to know WHAT strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are relevant. Just because your firm has a strong sustainability practice doesn’t mean it matters to a K-12 sector. And if K-12 is where you’re looking to win work, that strength becomes irrelevant noise.

Performing a SWOT analysis after you’re clear on target projects helps to refine not only your business plan, but also aids in marketing efforts. Your marketing team can now highlight your firm’s strengths while empathetically dismissing perceived weaknesses and instead, turning them into opportunities.


The moral of the story when it comes to winning? Don’t over engineer your business plan OR THE execution! When your firm has clarity surrounding what type of work they want to win and how to win it, based on market research EVERYTHING else in your business falls into a state of flow.

🦩 Potential clients know what you stand for and how you can help them.

🦩 Employees in every part of your business are clear on what you offer and how to effectively position offers.

🦩 When unexpected work comes down the pipeline, you have a framework to guide every single decision that needs to be made (without losing sleep).

What would it feel like to develop a robust business plan In just 45 days that would win work with ease? If you’re ready to find out, I’ve got an exciting (and customizable) experience releasing soon. In my Business Plan in 45 Days experience (and no more than three, whole-group meetings), The Flamingo Project will help you solidify a business plan that can be used for years to come.

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