Vision, Mission, Values

Articulate how and why you stand out from the flock

Align your vision, mission and values to grow your firm


At The Flamingo Project, we believe that a well-defined vision, mission, and set of values are not just words on a page but the foundation of your company’s culture and strategic growth plan.

These elements clarify your firm’s purpose, unify your team, and align all efforts towards common goals, which translates to enhanced productivity and innovation. By embedding these core principles into your operations, you not only drive internal cohesion but also strengthen your market position, making your business stand out from the flock for both talent and clients. 

Check out a recent collaboration regarding strategic planning and visioning with Project Mark and Zweig Group.


What is Vision?

A vivid picture of where you’re headed to motivate others to take the journey with you.

Why does it matter?

When your team understands why you do what you do it creates buy-in.


What is your Mission?

How you differentiate on how you deliver your purpose every day.

Why does it matter?

When your audience aligns with your mission you create loyal customers who know what to expect.


What are values?

The concepts that guide your business.

Why do they matter?

They can help you make decisions, foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration and create a positive working environment.


Ready to Stand Out From The Flock with your Vision, Mission, and Values?

We pride ourselves in doing things differently, which means, when you book a visioning, mission and/or values workshop with us it will be fun-filled AND spur your firm to growth in the RIGHT directions.

Ready to Align Your Branding and Messaging?

Brands evolve over time and ensuring the brand and its message resonates with existing and new growth efforts is important.

Based on the research and vision, we align your brand with where you want to go.

See what people are saying!

For the first time in our firm’s 17-year history, we now have a wonderfully crafted vision and mission statement thanks to The Flamingo Project. I was amazed at Sarah‘s abilities to spend two days with our firm leaders and in that short amount of time, understand who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. She has an innate ability to quickly synthesize two days worth of brainstorming and information dumps into a very succinct messaging document. The clarity with which she delivered the first draft of these two statements was amazing. The best part about working with Sarah is how she makes the process fun and engaging. I would strongly recommend her to any firm wanting to update its branding and messaging content.”

-Cynthia Brown, Energy Architecture

“After a change in leadership at KW in 2021, the company underwent a brand refresh which included the unveiling of a new logo. With the guidance of Sarah Kinard and The Flamingo Project, we successfully continued our rebranding efforts, which included an overhaul of our firm’s messaging and the development of an annual marketing campaign plan. Sarah skillfully led us through various exercises and sessions, resulting in the establishment of new company values, market focused personas, key messaging statements, and an updated firm description. Collaborating with Sarah was an invaluable experience for our marketing team. Her ability to empathize with our position and effectively communicate innovative ideas to the leadership team was truly remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend The Flamingo Project for any research or rebranding project.”

-Chris Martinez, Senior Marketing Manager, KW Landscape Architects

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