Market Research

Information YOUR firm needs to succeed.

Research based on what your firm wants to be


Where are you on your journey? No matter the stage, we always start with research to ensure you get the information you truly need, customized to what YOUR FIRM wants to do and be in the future.

The Flamingo Project process asks questions to fill in the cracks between the data and the practical world. We create data points, such as cultural “musts”, NIH funded labs, demographics of in-migration trends, Olympic bids…all based on fit for your firm in culture, what drives your clients’ business, and potential ways to apply relationships and portfolio in markets. You can buy reports from reputable resources, but this analysis is the difference between a good fit and the right fit.

We provide Research in Various Areas Including:

Trends and Disruptors
Market Indicators
Competitive Analysis
Persona Development

Relevant Blog Posts

Professional Services Marketing Podcast: Good Research

Professional Services Marketing Podcast: Good Research

Good research begins with a good framework. Listen in, as Sarah chats with Frank Lippert and Kate Robinette of GoStrategies about how to build those plans on good research. They talk about defining the use of the data before you start, reframing the questions to get out of the rabbit holes and back on track, and provide you with resources to get started.

Demystifying Market Research Podcast

Demystifying Market Research Podcast

Listen in as I chat with Keelin Cox of the AEC Marketeer podcast about what exactly market research is, and why your firms should invest in research! Head to to listen to the entire episode


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