Business Plan in 45 Days

Stop over-engineering business plans.

Start winning work differently!

 What if business plans didn’t have to be complicated?

If your first thoughts when you consider business plans are …

“This is SO time consuming!”

“The plans are often so vague and difficult to implement.”

“Our firm spends so much time on plans, but then we don’t really know how to use them.”

This workshop is for you!

As one of the leading AEC researchers in the country, Sarah has helped dozens of multi-billion dollar companies, world-wide develop strategic business plans that couple your business goals with your business’ strengths which translates to profit!

And now she’s packaged all of that knowledge into a workshop that will help your firm do the same in JUST 45 days!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A complete guide, with videos that take you step-by-step through the process of leading an effective business plan process in just 45-days.

  • A repeatable, business plan framework.

  • A framework for emerging (or pet) initiatives.

  • The ability to stand out from the flock when there’s work to be won.

After we experienced significant growth, we realized the firm needed to reinvent our business planning tactics. We were searching for a better way to strategically plan our efforts for our 5 regional offices. This included being open with ourselves about building a plan(s) that would allow us to effectively guide us through each quarter. In looking into new tactics and resources, we reached out to Sarah and her team to help us build a framework that would set us up for success. In our discovery phase, Sarah was asking our leadership team about vision planning and strategy. These simple questions allowed us to see the bigger picture and think beyond our immediate needs. Her guidance moved us into forming our first-ever 3-year strategy (3YS). We’re in the first year of implementing our 3YS, and the future is bright. Thanks to our flamingos for helping us break barriers and look ahead.


Demystifying Annual AEC Business Planning

Demystifying Annual AEC Business Planning

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the daunting task of annual AEC business planning? Well, fret no more! In this episode, I sat down with Lindsay Diven, of Marketers Take Flight. We demystify the entire process for you. We discuss different types of plans, including strategic and marketing plans, providing invaluable insights to help you navigate your way to success with confidence. Head to to listen to the full episode!

Business Plan in 45 Days

Business Plan in 45 Days

Want to know the secret to a successful business plan? Keep reading to find out how to STOP over-engineering plans and START winning work!

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About Sarah

Sarah graduated from a liberal arts college. It means that while she has a degree in Business Administration, Communication Arts, and Spanish, those limiting descriptors only tell part of the story. Her entire career has shown the skill of bringing disparate information together to find an actionable path.

A little about that…

Sarah is a marketer who found herself at an architecture firm over 20 years ago learning the craft of architecture and the politics of development. Who knew this first professional job would ignite a passion for placemaking and the impact planning and design make in our communities?

Flash forward a couple years, Sarah was invited to join an architectural firm with a 60-year reputation in public K-12 work to begin a regional higher education practice. What a thrill and adventure it was to build something that required research, remessaging, repositioning and pursuit strategy for a 60-year old firm! Sarah was successful and took that model “on the road” to all the firm’s offices across the US. 7 in total. By the end, Sarah was an Associate, over all the firm’s marketing, service growth, M&A research and strategy – frankly anything that had growth written on it.

From a National Education focus, Sarah went global with an Interior Architecture firm focused on luxury hospitality. The firm had offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Dubai and Paris. After research and understanding that the luxury hospitality market was changing drastically, they wanted to diversify and launch sub brands to tackle various markets across the globe. The travel was intense, the time zones were exhausting, but going global is eye opening and exciting in all the right ways.

Where do you go from there? Well, Sarah really wanted to help AEC firms do what she loves, GROW. Whether that is through Marketing or BD strategies…it doesn’t matter, they all need the right information at the right time. So from there, The Flamingo Project was born.

Regardless, having an experienced AEC Strategist who understands the nuances of how firms win work and the information required to make decisions about new markets, services and geographies is essential to seeing your vision realized.


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